Upcoming Events

August 20, 2019
Steve Sashihara to Presejnt on Risk Mitigation for Optimization Projects

At the Gurobi Days event held this year in Atlanta, Steve will present "The Princeton 20,” an internal system developed to score and manage the top risk factors for optimization projects, moving from the discovery phase into full deployment. Steve will share how Princeton Consultants scores 10 business environmental risk factors and 10 technical risk factors, and he will present sample mitigators for the core challenges to bringing optimization from the insight stage into deployed production.

Gurobi Days is an in-person, two-day group event for new Gurobi users who want to get up to speed quickly and for experienced users who want to be even more productive building scalable models that solve in less time. The first day is dedicated to business topics, such as the benefits of using MIP technology, how to scale up internal usage of optimization, business case study presentations, managing optimization projects, IT and Infrastructure topics, and product demos. The second day is dedicated to technical training, including  introductory and advanced sessions on modeling, algorithms, tuning, numerical issues, and handling challenging models.

To learn more and register, visit the Gurobi Days website.